Nõo Lihavürst and Joel Ostrat introduced the Grill Country!

Nõo Lihavürst and Joel Ostrat opened the summer season and introduced the Grill Country! On May 10, Nõo Lihavürst and Joel Ostrat decided to introduce new summer and barbecue products made this summer, the recipes of which have been created by Nõo meat industry technologist in cooperation with Joel Ostrat. In addition to the summer grill, we enjoyed Joel Ostrat's salads this season and Gustav's cakes gave a memorable end to the event! What are the new flavors this year? 1) Raw sausages – four raw sausages with a new taste : raw sausages with onion jam, raw beef sausages from Chilli con Carne, raw sausages with vegetables and Italian raw sausages. All new raw sausages are E621-free, made with sea salt and high in meat. 2) Grilled sausages – three new grilled sausages in the selection: Grilled sausages with cream cheese and herbs, Grilled sausages with ketchup, Grilled sausages with BBQ sauce. You don't need the sauce next to the grilled sausage anymore, because now it is already in the product. Delicious and convenient! 3) Grilled ribs – ribs flavored with plenty of meat and high-quality spices. In this case, the selection of ribs includes two pre-cooked ribs (BBQ rib with plenty of meat and Shrub ribs), which have a long shelf life. In addition, the new ribs offered are on average cheaper in terms of price. 4) Grilled meats and steaks – we launch the first chicken steaks (Chicken steaks with cheese) based on people's consumption wishes. New products: BBQ chicken pancakes, Green pepper steaks, Beef tenderloin with herbs and chicken wings with orange pepper. The products are meaty because they contain less marinade and more meat. 5) Shashliks – There are four brand new shashliks in production, which we make from neck carbonate . What this means for the consumer The products are much easier to grill and the meat remains juicier. Selection of new products: Apple-honey shashlik, BBQ-mustard shashlik, Hellmann's shashlik with mayonnaise and Gooseberry shashlik. In the case of shashliks, we have followed the principle: "More meat and less marinade!". All meats have been seasoned with high quality spices and the recipes have been developed in collaboration with a top chef. So there are even healthier and more exciting flavors this year! Thank you to everyone who came to the Grill Country and helped open the summer season! The products of Nõo Lihavürsti Grilliriigi can be found here: http://lihavyrst.ee/saslokid/ Add a prince to life! Nõo The Prince of Meat
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