Nõo will produce over 600 tons of barbecue products for the beginning of the summer

This week, AS Nõo Lihatööstus started manufacturing summer products. In total, Estonia’s largest meat industry based on local capital plans to bring 635,000 kilos of grilled products to the market by the beginning of the season, which is 10% more than a year earlier.

“During the crisis, domestic meat consumption has increased because people spend a lot of time at home and more is done to eat. On the other hand, for us, many business customers have disappeared in the form of restaurants, which have temporarily closed their doors or significantly restricted their activities due to the crisis. This makes us work hard on behalf of the domestic meat consumer at the moment. All the more so because people do not travel now, which is why more consumption remains within Estonia, “said Simmo Kruustük, Sales and Marketing Manager of Nõo Lihatööstus.

As the consumption of meat is forecast to increase for the beginning of the summer season, Nõo Lihatööstus plans to hire more than twenty employees.

“Summer is one of the most intensive production periods of the year for us, so we definitely need a helping hand. In addition, we are looking for permanent employees – there is a shortage of specialists, who we also train on site. Employees with experience in the food industry and experience have a small advantage, but we are also open to jobseekers with other backgrounds in the sector, ”said Kruustük.

According to the meat producer, the Estonian people prefer wieners and sausages to meat in difficult times. In summer, the main emphasis is on grilled sausages and poultry.

“There may be changes in the preferences of grilled products – more cheaper and discounted products are chosen. As the general trend in Estonia is towards health, the consumption of poultry meat products is currently growing strongly. Based on this, we launched products made in cooperation with Fitlap and Joel Ostrat. Of course, meat gourmands will still find Nõo’s traditional grilled meat in our selection, but also the BBQ Symphony series specially developed by Estonian grill masters. Grilled pork products are still the largest, but compared to poultry products, they will probably not grow significantly this year, “said Kruustük.

According to Kruustüki, Estonian consumers have a fascination with domestic raw materials and a constant expectation for new products, which is why meat producers have to deal with continuous product development. The selection of summer products for Nõo includes cherry-balsamic pork ponds; Fitlap grilled chicken fillets; pork ribs in the Old Tallinn marinade; Crème Bonjour raw sausages; Grilled sausages with frankeur, cabanos and poultry; chicken wings in Teriyaki marinade; striped meat in smoked apple marinade and more.

Nõo Lihatööstus is the largest meat industry based on Estonian capital, located near Tartu in Nõo. The company was founded in 1992, when the legendary Nõo roulette began to be produced. To this day, delicious, high-quality and authentic meat products are made in Nõo. The company employs nearly 200 people.

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