Nõo’s meat products win competitions

At the beginning of July, the Estonian Grill Gala took place in Pärnu, where the Estonian Grill Association announced the best grill products of the year. Our efforts have borne fruit, because Nõo’s shashlik with Hellmann’s mayonnaise was awarded the title Shashlik of the Year 2020. It is a shashlik that makes Hellmann’s mayonnaise pleasantly soft and melt-in-your-mouth. Because Nõo shashliks are cut by hand, the pieces are even and easy to grill.

Eesti Grilli Gala is a traditional award ceremony of the year promoting Estonian grill culture, which will be awarded to the most successful and delicious products of the last year and awarded to their producers. A total of 30 judges of the Estonian Grill Association in six different categories blindly evaluated the grill products available in Estonian retail. A total of 109 grilled products and 32 sauces were evaluated.

In addition to the honorable title of the Estonian Grill Gala, Nõo’s summer products have also caught the eye of Estonian journalists. Nõo Kurgi-onion kanašašlõkk was declared the favorite of the editorial board in the test of the chicken breast of the largest women’s magazine, Naideleht. It was pointed out that the pieces cook quickly and do not become dry. It was also found that this shashlik goes well with wine. However, the editors of Postimees Sõbranna’s portal tested various grilled meats, including Nõo Fitlap grilled steak chicken fillet, which brought out its pleasant taste and lightness. All in all, this healthy grilled meat remained in a respectable second place in Postimees’ test.

We are very grateful that our products have won the hearts of Estonians and found recognition in various product tests. We continue to work to bring high-quality, tasty and healthy meat products made to the people of Estonia and made only from the best raw materials.

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