The Nõo meat industry switched to gas cars

AS Nõo Lihatööstus, located near Tartu, renewed its fleet with nine new gas cars Škoda Scala. The sales representatives of the meat industry will drive environmentally friendly cars.

“Our sales staff travels all over Estonia on a daily basis and they spend almost 300,000 kilometers a year on business trips. The advantage of gas cars is that they emit significantly less emissions, which makes them many times more environmentally friendly. According to our calculations, in the future we will emit about 21 tons per year for nine cars, which is almost twice less CO2 emissions than for cars with a previously used petrol engine, ”said Simmo Kruustük, Sales and Marketing Manager of AS Nõo Lihatööstus.

According to Kruustüki, the choice spoke in favor of Škoda Scala, because it is an environmentally friendly and reliable alternative to a conventional car. “The new gas cars make it possible to travel long distances without significantly burdening the environment. In addition, driving a gas car is affordable, which also means considerable savings in transport costs for us, ”added Kruustük.

According to Andrias Tammistu, CEO of AS Aasta Auto, which resells Škodas, natural gas engines are becoming more and more popular among Estonians due to low emissions. “The three tanks of the Škoda Scala allow you to travel almost 400 kilometers at a time. When the gas runs out, the Scala automatically switches to petrol and should be able to drive more than 200 kilometers with 9 liters. Škoda in general is one of the most preferred car brands in Estonia, which has proven itself over the years and whose price-quality ratio is well in place, ”said Tammistu.

Nõo Lihatööstus is the largest meat industry based on Estonian capital, located near Tartu in Nõo. The company was founded in 1992, when the legendary Nõo roulette began to be produced. To this day, delicious, high-quality and authentic meat products are made in Nõo. The company employs nearly 200 people.

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