This year, Baltic-inspired flavours dominate in winter products

As indicated by our technologist, Marko Kokman, the overall price increase and the concerning global situation are encouraging consumers to choose trusted food products this year. That’s why the new products of this winter season are characterized by simple and clean flavours.

Due to the price increase, people are choosing to eat at home more often this year and dine out less frequently. Therefore, for the second year in a row, we are preparing not only healthy but also easy-to-prepare products. “To make delicious and healthy dinners, all you have to do is take one of our winter products packaged in a special baking dish, place it in the oven, and then enjoy it with your whole family,” describes Marko Kokman the company’s product development focus.

In his opinion, these new products are created with the aim that even in difficult times, people should not have to give up healthy and quality food: “We use only high-quality raw materials and, caring about the health of consumers, we add less salt and preservatives to our products.”

It is also important to the company that the meat products they produce taste exactly as promised on the label. “If it says ‘spicy’ on the packaging, you will get a spicy flavour,” promises Marko.

To kick off the winter season, Nõo Meat Factory has created more than 30 new products that will hit the store shelves in October and November. According to Kokman, there is no other unique product like the new Nõo blood sausages with rye bread in the European market: “This is the tastiest Estonian product you can imagine and buy.”

Among the innovations from Nõo Meat Industry, you can also find blood sausages with dried plums, schnitzel in rye bread crust, chicken kebabs or pork tongue in jelly, pork liverwurst with lingonberries, mustard, and sauerkraut, ribs marinated in blueberries, chicken breast pockets with wasabi, orange sauce, pork filet pieces with fried onions, bacon with tomatoes and chilli, meat rolls with sautéed cabbage and lingonberries, chicken liverwurst with kefir and greens, chicken wings in spicy teriyaki sauce, and chicken drumsticks with melted cheese.

“The new winter products also have great export potential, especially in the Latvian and Lithuanian markets, where we have significantly expanded our range and enhanced the brand’s reputation in recent years, as well as popularized Estonian culinary culture,” added Simmo Kruustuks, Chairman of the Board of Nõo Meat Industry. More than 22% of the company’s products are exported.