Our pates can be enjoyed beyond the Baltic states

The beloved pates of Baltic consumers are now being exported to countries such as Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria.

“For some time now, Nõo pates have been available on the shelves of small local stores in these countries, where they arrive in the same packaging as here in the Baltic states,” said Ragnars Loova, CEO of Nõo Meat Factory. “In this way, high-quality food produced in Estonia is becoming recognized beyond the Baltic region. With the help of intermediaries, we have already sent the first shipments to small local stores, which will allow us to receive new orders, increase exports, and enter large retail chains. Export is undoubtedly a significant direction for any company.”

Nõo Meat Factory has been successfully engaged in exports for nearly 20 years. Products are exported to countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland. New markets will be added to this list in the near future, to double the volume of exports. “Our high-meat content snacks have already been well received by consumers in Estonia and in several foreign countries. Nõo Meat Factory produces more than 20 different meat snacks, and we aim to satisfy the most demanding consumer tastes to create a success story for Estonian cuisine beyond our national borders,” commented Simmo Kruustük, Chairman of the Board of Nõo Meat Factory. “In the near future, we will enter new foreign markets, such as Poland, Germany, and several other countries where the culture of consuming healthy and high-quality snacks is widespread. We see an increasing demand for quick and healthy snacks in Europe. Currently, exports account for 10% of the total snack production, and our goal is to double this indicator.”