1.5 million for investments

Although the industry is currently facing challenging circumstances, we have resolved to allocate nearly 1.5 million euros next year for the expansion of ham and smoked sausage production. “We observe a significant reshuffling in the ham market, and we believe that resilient companies will emerge stronger from this crisis,” stated Ragnar Loova, CEO of Nõo […]

This year, Baltic-inspired flavours dominate in winter products

As indicated by our technologist, Marko Kokman, the overall price increase and the concerning global situation are encouraging consumers to choose trusted food products this year. That’s why the new products of this winter season are characterized by simple and clean flavours. Due to the price increase, people are choosing to eat at home more […]

Chefs rate our Cheesy Grill as one of the grill cheeses in the Baltics

In the international competition Baltic Taste Awards 2023, in the dairy product category, our developed and produced cheese, Cheesy Grill, was awarded a bronze medal as one of the best grill cheeses in the Baltics. The food product competition Baltic Taste Awards 2023 took place in Riga, featuring products from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania competing […]

Our pates can be enjoyed beyond the Baltic states

The beloved pates of Baltic consumers are now being exported to countries such as Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria. “For some time now, Nõo pates have been available on the shelves of small local stores in these countries, where they arrive in the same packaging as here in the Baltic states,” said Ragnars Loova, CEO of […]

Nõo meat factory figured out how to encourage young people to eat healthier

In cooperation with the University of Tartu, Enterprise Estonia and the Estonian School Nutrition Association, Nõo Meat Factory launched a youth-targeted healthy product series to fight obesity and address healthy and balanced eating. As part of Enterprise Estonia’s program Design Masterclass, Nõo Meat Factory’s product developers worked together with a team from the University of […]

Meat hackathon won by youth turning offal into heart balls

The teams presented their innovative meat products at today’s final round of the Meat Hackathon organised by the Estonian University of Life Sciences The jury chose the Katriin II team (Katriin-Loviis Viltsin, Martin Pent and Mihkel Tammaru) and their heart balls made of beef hearts as the winners. The winning team won a 5000-euro stipend. […]

Nõo meat factory implements an extensive environmental programme

Nõo Meat Factory, the largest domestic capital-based meat industry, will transition to production that is completely based on green energy as part of their substantial environmental and investment programme. “Transitioning to 100% green energy production and receiving the respective green certificate was only one part of our targeted environmental policy,” notes Chair of the Supervisory […]

Nõo meat factory: money from the pension fund makes it to supermarkets

Estonia’s largest domestic capital-based meat industry OÜ Nõo Lihatööstus observed that the refunds from the second pillar not only went to investment accounts, bailiffs and electronics shops, but also to meat counters, where the sales of more expensive products increased. “During the first weeks of September, when Estonians received a billion euros, our sales went […]

Nõo meat factory: how to find the healthiest meat products on the shelves

Since the shelves are filled with hundreds of unique meat products, making the right choice is complicated. How can you find meat products that are delicious and healthy and can be prepared quickly? “Everyone has probably been in a situation where they go to the shop to purchase meat and are overwhelmed by the options,” […]